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Board of Directors


Organisation and Mission

The organisation - with its public assignments that it implies - proposed by Esprit Calvet is accepted by an imperial decree signed by Napoleon 1st and the statutes of the Foundation are codified in 1823 by the State Council.

Themanagement of the Foundation is provided by a Board of Directors. This board, chaired by the Mayor of Avignon, gathers five city officials and three private will executors who can be neither civil servants, nor politicians, who are renewed by co-optation.

The executors participating inthe management of the Foundation are responsible for ensuring the donors and bequeathers of the exact application of the will of Esprit Calvet and for monitoring its strict implementation. They must verify that the city of Avignon meet its expenses, including maintenance of all buildings of the Foundation.

Council "of the eight"

Madame Cécile Helle, mayor of Avignon

Monsieur Bernard Gamel-Cazalis, will executor

Monsieur Bertrand Lapeyre, will executor
Monsieur Philippe de Cours de Saint Gervasy, will executor

Madame Hélène Bout, administrator
Madame Danielle Blanc, administrator
Madame Dominique Peyronnet, administrator
Monsieur Jean-Louis Cros, administrator
Monsieur Edmond Volponi, administrator


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