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Donors & legatees


Grille Noël Biret

Honour to Esprit Calvet and his successors

The Foundation wishes to thank all those who know it, respect it and make it live and those who, day after day, are dedicated to its operation and send visitors the spirit of its founder. It expresses its gratitude to the thousands of supporters who, over the centuries, by their gifts and their bequests, have enriched its real estate, art and culture.

Proud of its prestigious past, confident in the future, Calvet Foundation honours the belief that animated the spirit of its founder: a great creator of ideas, Calvet realised very early that the progress of the human spirit needs institutions, harbours and landmarks, to collect and convey the richness of all cultures and climb up to beauty.


Calvet Foundation, by its very existence, pays tribute to its donors and legatees every day.

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