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Financial Autonomy

The independence and sustainability of the Foundation are guaranteed by a major rental heritage property. This heritage is made up of many urban and rural buildings, the management of which is ensured by the Foundation, under the control of the Court of Auditors.

In accordance with the will of its founder, the Foundation uses its surplus land resources to the development and growth of its works.

The income resulting from these assets are in fact statutorily and exclusively assigned to the enrichment of collections.

The purchased, bequeathed or donated works become the inalienable property of the Foundation. But it agrees to lend some of these to museums and public institutions around the world for temporary exhibitions.

The Board of Directors

To ensure compliance with his wishes and security of the property of the foundation, Esprit Calvet had devised a two facet management structure : a private one, represented by three will executors, a public one, embodied by five representatives of the city of Avignon, all of these being responsible with the management of the Foundation property.

Property Guarantors

The original presence of three private will executors to the head of the institution executive and of its daily management has the effect of ensuring donors and testators.

The city of Avignon

The administrative duties are assumed "as an expense of the initial bequests" by the city of Avignon that, every year, must report to the Foundation Board on the performance of its obligations.


As to science and art, several "curators " are responsible for greeting the public, organising exhibitions, for the relationships with other museums, for loans of works of art, for restoring items and for research. They direct the staff of their museums and actively participate in daily life, as well as in the animation of art sectors in their care.