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Museums and Fondation Calvet Library

Calvet Library
Since 1826, there is no municipal library in Avignon. Calvet Library and the Library of Requien Museum belong to Calvet Foundation.
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Collection of medals
A collection of 25,000 ancient coins: Greek, Carthaginian, Celt, Roman, Imperial ... but also coins from the Middle Ages not inventoried yet.
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Requien Library
  Calvet and Esprit  Requien are at the origin of this library of Natural History. You will discover a selection of works and wonders chronologically filed from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.
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Calvet Museum
Calvet Museum houses in the magnificent Villeneuve-Martignan Hotel many collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings, decorative arts ...
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Lapidaire Museum
Visit the archaeological collection of the Calvet Museum. Very large collection of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and early Christian sculptures and the Greek works
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Petit Palais Museum
An exceptional collection of Italian paintings from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Masterpieces of great masters of the Italian pre-Renaissance.
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Requien Museum
Discover the immense herbarium, the collections of rocks, fossils, shells, the collection of samples of botany, geology, vertebrates and invertebrates . 
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Archaeological Museum of the Hotel-Dieu
In Cavaillon, in the Chapel of Dieu Hotel and in the Rabbi's House, adjoining the remarkable thirteenth century synagogue, the Foundation houses the vast collection donated by Jouve family.
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Jouve Museum and Jewish Comtadin
The history of museums and of the heritage of Cavaillon is intimately linked to that of Jouve family who, for four generations, from the Revolution to the early twentieth century, profoundly influenced the city.
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