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The charitable donations of the Calvet Foundation

In accordance with the clauses of the last will and testament of Esprit Calvet, as well as other donors, the Calvet Foundation continues to allocate various bequests.

Esprit Calvet Bequest: Eldest citizen of Avignon.

The last holograph will of Esprit-Claude-François Calvet, dated 10th January 1810, states:
"An allowance of 60 Fr. per month shall be given to the most elderly person.
I bequeath and leave to the person of either sex who, upon my death, is found to be the oldest in age, born and living in the town of Avignon, of catholic mother and father, an annuity of sixty Livres per month, payable in advance of each month, and demand that upon his or her death, the same allowance be paid to he or she who immediately succeeds the first beneficiary in order of age, their claim being justified by the register of births, and in this way one after the other perpetually, regardless of their condition, welfare or fortune. And in order that the claimants or their assignees be informed of this institution, and may make the necessary research to render their claim indisputable, which is all the more important since should their place be missed they shall not be allowed to reclaim it for as long as the beneficiary shall live, this article of the present will and testament shall be published and displayed not only upon my death but again upon each change in legatee, without mention of my name."

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Esprit Calvet Bequest: Young artist of Avignon competition.

The last holograph will of Esprit-Claude-François Calvet, dated 10th January 1810, states:

"Biennial 100Fr prize donation. I bequeath and leave a prize donation of one hundred Livres, every two years, to one of our young artists, aged under twenty-four years, who shall provide the best pencil drawing, of well assured hand, be it their own composition or the reproduction of a good original of which the style is rigorously respected: posters shall be displayed every first day of the year, once again without mention of any name."

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Esprit Calvet Bequest and Guérin donation: blankets for poor families

This bequest involves the distribution of blankets to poor families for twenty years following his death. "I bequeath and leave two bed covers; new, in thick wool, for two double beds, which shall be given every year, the day before All Saints' Day, to poor families, different ones each time, who are lacking them. This bequest shall be ended after 20 years following my death."
In accordance with the demand of Mr. Guérin, when he added to the collections of the Museum, this bequest became perpetual.
The Board of Trustees decided, in March 2012, to provide two survival blankets to a local charity.

Other bequests: Jouve family & Guérin family

The Calvet Foundation also allocates bequests according to the provisions of the will and testament of the Jouve family.
The Auguste Jouve bequest involves the following donations:
•a sum of money to be given annually to the Société Hippique de Cavaillon (Cavaillon Equestrian Society)
•Annual payment of the Cavaillon allotment rental charges to the Ligue Familles Nombreuses de Cavaillon (Cavaillon Large Families League)
•a sum of money to be given to the Denier du Culte Catholique (Catholic worship fund), every three years

The Suzanne and Auguste Jouve Bequest ensures the donation of a sum of money to all the deserving pupils of two school establishments of Cavaillon.
Extract of the codicil of 5th November 1932 of Auguste Jouve "My legal inheritor, the CALVET MUSEUM and before which, my named heiress shall, six months following my death, give to the below-listed establishments the following annual grants (...). To the Parish Girls' School (Ecole Communale de Filles), the sum of one hundred francs. To St. Charles' Independent Boys' School (Ecole libre de garçons St. Charles), the sum of one hundred francs. Both these donations shall be allocated to these establishments in order for them to award the pupil who has given greatest satisfaction during the school year. They shall be donated in the form of a savings account deposit. The girls' prize shall carry the name of "Suzanne Jouve" in memory of my daughter. That of the boys shall be called the "Auguste Jouve Prize". I bequeath these grants (...) in order to prove my commitment to liberal ideas, which demand that parents maintain the right to choose the educators of their children.
Cavaillon, the tenth of March, 1934 (nineteen thirty-four). (Signed) A. Jouve".

There is also a Guérin-Calvet bequest which involves the annual donation of a sum of money (equivalent to 2,50 fr. in 1830) to the Association Notre dame des Doms (formerly known as Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres (The Little Sisters of the Poor)).